MaxLearning Academy

Lean Management - English

Get to know the Lean Management methods and learn how to use the tools correctly for the continuous improvement of processes!


Lean Management:

  • Introduction Lean Management
  • History of Lean Managements


  • Value stream (Work in process)
  • Fishbone diagram for root cause analysis
  • 8 types of waste (Muda)
  • The 5S method in an office/production
  • Fault-tolerant processes and products with Poka Yoke
  • Application of lean methods for the development of target processes
  • Kaizen as a method for the continuous improvement of daily business processes
  • Project management basics for the efficient implementation of optimization measures
  • Selection of the right key figures to set up a continuous process management
  • Establishment of a performance management system (Kanban Board)

Target group

The training is aimed at project managers and process managers who want to use the lean management method to optimize business processes and establish a continuous improvement process (CIP).